House Extensions in Hounslow

We provide high quality house extensions in Hounslow, Greater London and the surrounding areas

At Luca Extension Ltd, we specialise in the construction of any extension on your property in Hounslow, Greater London. Extensions are an excellent way of increasing the internal space in your property without having to go through the hassle of finding, buying and moving into a new home!

Why Have a House Extension in Hounslow, Greater London?

There are many advantages to having an extension constructed on your property. Firstly, an extension can either increase the space of a pre-existing room in your property. For example a 2 floor extension could be used to enlarge your kitchen space and the bedroom above it. An extension can also be used to create a new space such as a social room or an en suite. Furthermore, an extension greatly increases the value of your property. 

An extension is the perfect way to expand the space in your home as it can be shaped and tailored to suit your needs. When planning an extension, you should always know what it is that the extension space will be used for. This will influence the size and shape of the extension. It is also important as any wiring, piping or other utilities will have to be fitted during construction. 

An extension can be built onto any part of your property. This means that it offers greater flexibility when planning the project. At Luca Extension Ltd, we can help you with every aspect of your extension project. We can complete all groundworks and foundations as well as the construction and roofing of the new building. 

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